XII session of the Russian-Arab Business Council And the IV international Exhibition "Arabia-EXPO"


"Arabia-EXPO" - the only Arab exhibition in Russia, which for 3 days will become a center of Arab-Russian trade and economic cooperation and unite on the platform of the 22 Arab countries and 85 regions of Russia.

the Main focus of the Event is to build a constructive dialogue between Russia and countries of the Arab region, the establishment of a qualitatively new level of friendly bilateral relations. The event will be held under the motto: "RUSSIA-the ARAB WORLD: "TIME of ACTION FOR a COMMON FUTURE".

Aims and objectives of the "Arabia-EXPO 2019"

• to Create a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of Russian and Arab companies to solve business tasks of various levels;

• to contribute to the development of partnership relations between Russian and Arab companies;

• to Present the potential of Russian companies from the point of view of development of export of products and services in the Arab market.

Opportunities for exhibitors

• Demonstrate market products and services of the company, and also offer technologies to solve business cases;

• Confirm your status and to enhance the image of products and services for a successful business;

• Expand the number of end consumers of products and services of the company.


"Manege" Central exhibition hall of Moscow, which for 3 days will become a center of Russian-Arab trade and economic cooperation. The choice of this site was not made by chance: the CEH "Manege" is located in the heart of the Russian capital's rich cultural and historical heritage, near the walls of the Kremlin.

the Event is provided by multidisciplinary Plan of action to implement the principles, goals and objectives of the Russian-Arab cooperation forum for 2016-2018, accepted the outcome of the third Ministerial session of the Forum on 26 February 2016 between the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Arab League, and aims to promote cooperation between Russia and the Arab world in a collective format.

the event is organised by the Russian-Arab Business Council (RABC) supported chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, the Russian foreign Ministry, the Arab League, the General Union of trade-industrial and agricultural chambers for Arab countries, Embassies of Russia in the Arab countries and diplomatic missions of Arab countries in Moscow.

international exhibition "Arabia-EXPO 2019" will be an effective platform for interaction between businessmen of Russia and the countries of the Arab world and is aimed at supporting participants in establishing direct partnerships and exchange of experience. The exhibition will consist of national expositions of the Arab countries, expositions of the Russian regions and also expositions of separate Arab and Russian companies planned an extensive business program: business forums, business dialogues, presentations, case zone, round tables, meetings of cross-country business councils, etc.