Successfully implemented investment projects


1. Success story JSC "TANDER"

JSC "Tander" is the largest retail chain in Russia in terms of retail facilities and areas of their coverage, and one of the largest in terms of sales. Today "Magnit" is the national retail network to more than 5,000 supermarkets "Magnet", more than 200 stores "Magnet-Cosmetics", 93 hypermarkets, located in 2108 settlements. The company opens stores "Magnet" not only in cities but also in small towns, providing residents with consumer goods and new jobs. The retail network is focused on customers with different income levels. The use of high-tech equipment and modern technologies in all fields of business helps to achieve a balance of price and quality of goods. Efficient process of delivery of goods possible by the logistics system.

For better food storage and optimization of their delivery to stores in company's established distribution network of 27 distribution centers. Distribution centers - the most extensive enterprises of the company. Clock distribution centers receive goods from major suppliers Russia and from different countries of the world and prepare it for shipment to stores and hypermarkets. Modern technology and equipment, automated system of accounting and our IT solutions allow the distribution centers of the company continuous supply of products throughout the European part of Russia.

the Total area of distribution (logistics) centre "Magnit" (JSC "Tander") opened in 2015 in Narimanov district of the Astrakhan region, more than 33 thousand sq. m. the delivery Radius of a distribution center, more than 300 kilometers. It serves the stores "Magnet" in the Astrakhan region and Republic Kalmykia. Distribution center accommodates a range of more than 3 656 items, some of them — Astrakhan production. Retail chain on a permanent basis working 32 regional companies, the number of jobs created - 260. The volume of investments 1939,61 million.

the Investment project is implemented by JSC "Tander" has the status of "particularly important investment project". br>

2. Success story of agro-industrial complex "ASTRAKHAN"

"agro-industrial complex for growing and processing of tomatoes, implemented by LLC "agro-industrial complex "Astrakhan" is a new entity established in 2016 for construction of a plant for the production of tomato paste on the territory of the Kharabali district, Astrakhan region. The produce is a tomato paste in industrial packaging (aseptic bags with volume of 200 l Packed in drums). The total investment is about four billion rubles, of which 20 % — own funds of enterprises and 80% debt. The company includes a greenhouse complex for growing seedlings on 10 hectares, 1 330 hectares of irrigated land for the cultivation of tomatoes in the amount of 350 thousand tons and the plant for their processing.

this project will:

- to produce annually about 28 million tonnes of tomato concentrate;

- to build 335 additional jobs;

increasing tax payments to budgets of all levels;

- to develop the infrastructure of agricultural market.

the Project will be implemented until 2020 in two phases. In the first stage the acreage was 1412 hectares (50% of design capacity), in the second stage of the acreage is planned to expand to 2824 hectares.

Today the Russian market has no domestic manufacturers of industrial tomato paste. Russian producers of tomato paste produce it for their own needs, because of this of domestic tomato paste does not get on the open market and used only in the internal processes of the companies – manufacturers of consumer products from tomatoes. Thus, the market is dominated by imports.

OOO "APK "Astrakhan" is included in the list of investment projects on production of import-substituting products in the territory of the Astrakhan region, its activities are aimed at improving the competitiveness of goods produced in Astrakhan region.

the Investment project is realized by LLC APK "Astrakhan" has the status of "particularly important investment project".