Report on activities to attract investment

in 2014, Astrakhan oblast participates in the National rating of investment climate in subjects of the Russian Federation, whose task is to assess the efforts of regional authorities to improve the regional business climate. In 2017 Astrakhan oblast took the 38th place, having risen by 16 points compared to the year 2016.

In 2017, Astrakhan region carries out work on introduction of new mechanisms and target models simplify the procedures of business and increase of investment appeal of subjects of the Russian Federation approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 31.01.2017 No. 147-R (further – target model).

the Subjects of the Russian Federation proposed a system of key factors, which is an essential condition for the formation of a favorable investment climate.

by Order of the Government of Astrakhan region of 10.02.2017 No. 47-PR "On measures to implement decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 31.01.2017 No. 147-R" determined by the Executive bodies of state power of the Astrakhan region, responsible for implementing the target models for each line.

implementation of the target models in the Astrakhan region is provided by the departmental Executive bodies of state authority of the Astrakhan region and project offices in the relevant areas:

- "Registration of title to land plots and objects of immovable property";

"cadastral registration of land plots and objects of immovable property";

"Getting permissions for construction and territorial planning";

- "the Connection to heat supply systems, connection (technological accession) to centralized systems of water supply and sanitation";

- "Technological connection to electric networks";

- "Connection (technological connection) to gas distribution networks";

"the Implementation of Supervisory activities";

- "the Effectiveness of a specialized organization on attracting investment and working with investors";

"the Availability and quality of regional legislation on the mechanisms for the protection of investors and support of investment activities";

"an investment of Astrakhan region";

- "the Effectiveness of feedback and the work channels of direct communication between investors and government of the Russian Federation";

- "Support of small and average business".

In the Astrakhan region has approved the "Road map" for implementation and realization in Astrakhan region of the target models, the Ministry of economic development of the Astrakhan region determined responsible for the execution of activities as follows:

- "the Effectiveness of a specialized organization on attracting investment and working with investors" (decree of the Government of Astrakhan region of 27.02.2017 No. 59-Ol);

"an investment of Astrakhan region" (decree of the government of Astrakhan region from 27.02.2017 No. 59-Ol);

- "the Effectiveness of feedback and the work channels of direct communication between investors and government of the Russian Federation" (decree of the government of Astrakhan region from 27.02.2017 No. 59-Ol);

"the Availability and quality of regional legislation on the mechanisms for the protection of investors and support of investment activities" (decree of the government of Astrakhan region from 27.02.2017 No. 59-Ol);

"the Implementation of Supervisory activities" (decree of the government of Astrakhan region from 27.02.2017 No. 58.).

- "Support of small and medium enterprises" (decree of the government of Astrakhan region from 27.02.2017 number 60-Ol).

Astrakhan oblast average percentage of implementation of all of the road maps according to the "Profile of the region - Astrakhan region" information systems project management "Region ID" as 01.12.2017 was 92% and the result of the interaction of all levels of government, resursosnabzhajushchih organizations the business community was semesteratsea the dates and number of procedures of providing services, improving the existing regional legislation aminostilbene activities, the creation of more attractive conditions for entrepreneurial activity in the region.

they Noted the positive dynamics in the implementation of the target models in the issuance of construction permits and connection to the networking infrastructure in 2017.

-the time for obtaining construction permits has been reduced from 131 days to 90 days (up to 40 days – in the municipality "City of Astrakhan" (for priority housing projects (reference objects);

-connection to gas supply networks reduced by half from 730 days to 364 days.

-connection to the grid составили61 day (for objects that do not require a large capital construction, capacity from 15 to 150 kW) instead of 90 days;

- connection to networks of water supply and sanitation reduced by one third and amounted to 44 days, to networks of a heat supply is 120 days.

Special economic zone of industrial type "Lotus".

the Point of growth of our industry is the project of development of special economic zone of industrial-production type – the SEZ "Lotus" (hereinafter - the SEZ "Lotus"), established on the territory of the municipal entity "Narimanovsky district" in 2014. Today its residents are of 6 companies:

  • JSC "shipyard "LOTOS" is implementing the project of modernization of Sudostroitelnaya and is the anchor resident of the SEZ "Lotus" around which would accumulate additional engineering, instrument, and auxiliary production.

For enterprises in 2016, a regime of free customs zone. In the framework of the project JSC "shipyard "Lotus" on 9 September 2016 has launched the center of Metalworking, which involves a line of pre-treatment of metal Rosler and the line thermal cutting of metal RUM-4500. The work of the centre will ensure demand for metal processing not only of the factory "Lotus", and other ship-building enterprises of the South of Russia.

  • In 2018 will be put into operation a plant of a resident of the SEZ "Lotus" - "Your" for the production of drip irrigation pipes by a unique technique using biodegradable materials. The planned production capacity of the project will be 16.7 million meters of tubes per month (200 million linear meters per year).
  • Medintekh, OOO - another resident of the SEZ "Lotus", implements the project on construction of plant for production of ad syringes third generation. The design capacity of the plant is 200 million pieces of syringes per year. The feature of the syringe of the third generation is the complete elimination of re-use.
  • At the end of next year also of the year it is planned to complete construction and commissioning of a plant for the production of electrical equipment with a capacity of 2 million sets of transformers and switchboard equipment in the year. In this company, "ATEF RUSS" – became the first foreign resident of the SEZ "Lotus". The project aims to build power transformers that produce oil and dry transformers of various types.

When the designed capacity of the plant is 2 million sets of transformers and switchboard equipment in the company "ATEF RUSS" plans to occupy about 4.5% of the market of domestic production and replace imports of the transformer equipment of the Ukrainian and Chinese producers in the amount of not less than 30%.

  • a Resident of the SEZ "Lotus" LLC "Hexa - Lotus", a project for establishment of integrated modern automated production of geosynthetic materials. At present project works are in progress, commissioning scheduled for 4 quarter of 2018.
  • in addition, the expert Council of the SEZ "Lotus" August 30 was supported by business plan of investment project "Organization of production of innovative high-speed small vessels of special purpose" LLC "Sea of composite shipbuilding".

For participants of the SEZ provides various benefits and incentives: the abolition of customs duties, the possibility of using mechanisms for optimizing costs - accelerated depreciation.


the Volume of gross output of agriculture for January-October 2017 was 34.8 million rubles (103,2% to the corresponding period in 2016).

According to the results of 2017 is expected to achieve gross production of about 42 billion rubles with a growth rate of 101,8 percent.

At the end of season 2017 produced about 1.7 million tonnes bombaceae products and potatoes, including vegetable культур1 134,3 thousand tons (125,3% compared to 2016), melons of 247.5 thousand tonnes (102,0%) and potatoes 318,6 thousand tons (101,0%).

In the framework of the comprehensive system for the procurement, storage, pre-sale preparation and realization of crop production in the off-season period, work continued on the construction and modernisation of vegetable storehouses. Today their number has reached 95 units with a total capacity of simultaneous storage is 165.5 thousand tons, including the 2017 put into operation 2 Chernoyarsk vegetable store in the district with a total capacity of 5 thousand tons of simultaneous storage (SP KFKH Gochitashvili Z. N. the capacity of 3 tons and SP KFKH Adzhiev A. A. capacity of 2 thousand tons). Until the end of the year it is planned to increase the overall storage to was 167.2 thousand tons.

In the future, the region aims to achieve the total volume of storage of fruit and vegetables not less than 30% of simultaneous storage, including through the grant program, "Development of material-technical base of agricultural consumer cooperatives".

Due to the existing state support in recent years significantly increased the area of perennial plantations, whose total area was increased by 405,7 hectares, of which 196 ha of gardens of intensive type. In 2017, the cost is 8.5 ha of perennial plantings by farmers Liman, Ikryaninsky and Volodarsky districts, including 5 ha of pistachio seedlings for testing in the conditions of Astrakhan region (KFH Grigoryan A.V.).

in addition to traditional crops in the Astrakhan region this year has passed the test of technical crops of peanuts. In two districts (Kamyzyaksky and Limansky) carried out experimental crops.

In 2017 also continued work on the development of vegetable growing in greenhouses. So on the territory of the Ikryaninskiy district prepared to implement the investment project "Construction of the greenhouse complex for year-round cultivation of vegetables", OOO "TC "CEDAR". The estimated area of greenhouse agriculture is 9 hectares. implementation of the project design capacity year-round cultivation of vegetables (tomatoes and cucumbers) on modern Dutch technologies in the amount of 7.2 thousand tons per year in hydroponics with the use of high-tech climate control system and round-the-clock supplementary lighting is designed for years 2017-2022. Currently the project is under design and survey works, namely, carried out topographical survey of the project site, obtained technical conditions for connection to engineering networks, the resulting requirements for the development of the section of civil defense and emergencies, are developing the project of planning and surveying of the site of the gas network.

the Increase in volumes of crop production and technical re-equipment and modernization of vegetable processing enterprises, allowed in 2017 to ensure the growth of volumes of processing of vegetable raw materials by 2.8 times (recycled of 227.2 thousand tons).

This increase is directly related to the continued implementation of the investment project for growing tomatoes for processing and production of tomato paste, OOO "APK "Astrakhan" in the territory of the Kharabali district. In August 2017 has been put into operation 2-nd stage of the plant for production of tomato paste, which increased production capacity by 2 times, or up to 3,0 thousand tons per day. In addition, this year increased the area of greenhouses under 6 hectares, the sown area reached 3.0 thousand hectares. Thus, by the end of 2017 the volume of production of tomatoes, OOO "APK "Astrakhan" amounted to 193.5 thousand tons, which allowed for the production of 26.4 thousand tons of tomato concentrate (increase by 3.7 times).

it Should be noted that with the opening of a plant for growing tomatoes and production of tomato paste in Kamyzyaksky district launched a project on packaging of the tomato paste produced at OOO "APK "Astrakhan", in small consumer containers. At the moment, the tomato paste comes in glass jars with a capacity of 280 gr. Until the end of the year, the manufacturer plans to introduce in the realization of the bottles with volume of 500 gr. in the glass, and 560 gr and 800 gr. in the tin can. At this stage, contracts for the implementation with the local trade networks "Dair", "Town". In these shops Astrakhan tomato paste continuously began to flow in November of this year. In the future, the cooperation with the hypermarket "Lenta".

in addition, PKF, OOO Astrakhan canned" plan to establish the production of reconstituted tomato juice, ketchup, sauces, as well as to increase production of canned fish in the fill of tomato sauce Astrakhan production.

Astrakhan oblast is one of the few regions of the Russian Federation annually not only preserves, but also increases the number of cattle. As 01.11.2017 the number of cattle amounted to 301.2 thousand heads (100.1% compared to 2016), including 151.3 thousand cows (100,1 %), sheep and goats thousand heads 1548,6 (100,6 %).

the Volume of production of livestock and poultry for slaughter for the first 10 months of 2017 were $ 54.7 thousand tonnes (101.6%, according to the level of 2016), milk 155,8 thousand tons (102 %), eggs 194,4 million shares. By the end of 2017 it is planned to achieve the level of egg production to 248 million pieces, meat – up to 70.3 thousand tons, milk – to 175,4 thousand tons.

One of the main events of the year was held in may of this year in Astrakhan, the 18th Russian exhibition of breeding sheep and goats. The exhibition was attended by 66 breeding farms from 15 regions of Russia, specializing on breeding of sheep and goats, as well as representatives of the republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and the Kyrgyz Republic. Astrakhan oblast presented the 8 farms. The results of the Russian exhibition of breeding sheep and goat Astrakhan oblast in the overall team standings received 16 medals - 7 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze. Awards were also given to the winners of races on horses and camel races organized in the framework of the exhibition.

In order to provide the population of the region the main types of livestock production in 2017 continued with the commissioning of new production capacities. By the end of this year it is planned to put into operation 1 dairy farm with a capacity of 100 heads in the Narimanov district, 2 feedlots on 464 heads in Enotaevskiy and Careerscom areas with a capacity of 360 tons of cattle and poultry for slaughter per year.

In 2018 it is planned commissioning of 2 dairy farms recipients of the grant for the creation of family farms in Kamyzyaksky and Krasnoyarsk districts with a capacity of 400 animals.

in addition, the competitive selection process under the program "Development of family livestock farms" farmer akhtubinsky area (KFH "Nasrullaev") received a grant for the construction of slaughter. Commissioning is planned for the end of the year. The capacity of the slaughterhouse is 90 square metres will amount to 10 head of cattle or 15 head of sheep per shift or 500 tons per year.

the Modernization of production milk processing enterprises in 2016, and takeaway capacities for milk processing on the basis of the peasant (farmer) farms, contributed to the growth of production of milk and dairy products by 4 %. By the end of 2017, the production volume of dairy production will be 5.9 million tonnes (122,9 % to 2016).

In February 2018 poultry "Vladimir" akhtubinsky district plans to put into operation the shop for laying hens on 170 thousand hen places, which will allow you to reach full capacity to increase egg production by 51 million pieces per year.

Prospects for import substitution determine the capabilities of our fishing industry.

the fishing industry Astrakhan region covers all the main areas of activity: catch of aquatic bioresources, reproduction, commercial fish breeding (aquaculture), processing of raw materials, production of various kinds of fish products.

seizures of aquatic biological resources in 2017 established in the amount of 51.3 thousand tonnes. The development of quotas of catch of water biological resource 2017 for the current period amounted to 33.5 thousand tons, or 110% of karouny 2016. While maintaining this level is expected to achieve annual catches of 43,8 thousand tons.

the Volume of processed fish products for the year is expected to achieve at the level of the last year to 58.7 thousand tons. Fish processing enterprises of the region have modern equipment and produce a variety of types of fish products: select dried roach and bream, gutted frozen fish (carcass, fillet, shredded), eggs of pike and carp, balyk cold smoked, rolls and slicing hot-smoked, salted products. Fish products in the Astrakhan fish processing plants have received the recognition of consumers, are exported to various regions of Russia, countries of the European and Customs unions. The volume postwatergate is more than 30 thousand tons.Outside of the Astrakhan region on 30.09.2017 year exported fish and fish products in regions of Russia 19.1 thousand tons fish and fish products to the Customs Union and the CIS 11,6 thousand .tons, to the countries of the European Union 179,8 tons.

the Development of the fisheries industry is focused on improving the efficiency of development of the permitted volume of catch of aquatic bioresources, as well as the application of modern technologies of fish farming. Most promising for the Astrakhan region in the following areas: implementation of the results of selection and breeding work in aquaculture (cyprinid fish species), the use of innovative methods of fish farming, the expansion of the species composition of the cultured species (pike, walleye, trout, clarify catfish, shrimp and crustaceans).

In the current year the enterprises of the Astrakhan cluster of aquaculture and fisheries continued implementing the projects that meet modern trends of aquaculture development:

•in the framework of the intensification of production, to increase volumes of output of food fish products, LLC "Our vegetable garden", "Experience", IE the Head of KFKH N. Logachev, A. A., Yip Head of farm Bogdanov A. M. continued work on the project "Improvement of aquaculture pond fish mass demand (carp, Amur, silver carp)". The project envisages the creation of breeding reproducer to enable households participating in the project of breeding fish stocking material;

•in terms of increasing species and product range of products of OOO "Russian Style-PROSet-Delta" continued the implementation of the project "Development and use of combination of organic technology in the production of commercial aquaculture (catfish clarify)" funded in 2015 fsbi "Foundation for assistance to development of small forms of the enterprises in scientifically-technical sphere" under the program "Commercialization";

•the implementation of modern technologies of processing of aquaculture products LLC "South Volga Company", together with the Department of technology and commodity science FGBOU VPO "ASTU" in 2016, developed the project "Construction of fish processing complex with the use of innovative technologies of fish products". Funding through the Federal "Fund of assistance to development of small forms of the enterprises in scientifically-technical sphere" under the program "Commercialization" began in the current year. In addition, "Our kitchen" continued the implementation of the project "Production of high quality minced fish from pond fish and semi-finished products on its basis";

•from 2017 began a partial reconstruction of OOO "PKF "fish Hatchery "Chaganskoe". It is planned to restore the activity of the economy as the main supplier of planting stock in the Astrakhan region.

the Implementation of projects in these areas in 2017 allowed the participants to effectively use the pools (productivity exceeds the average of 10 t/ha, and in some farms reaches 20ц/ha). The total amount of fish and aquatic animals grown in aquaculture, at the end of the year will be 20.2 thousand tons.

Industrial production

the Main objectives, the achievement of which was sent to the Government of the Astrakhan region in the framework of the development of the industry, are the development of industries and implementation of priority directions of investment policy in Astrakhan region.

the production Index for the full range of producer organizations in the Astrakhan region in January-October 2017 to the same period in 2016 amounted to 130,9 %.

the production Index of the industry "Mining" for 10 months of 2017 is to 145.7%, including:

extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas – 156,3 %;

extraction of crude oil and oil (passing) gas – the 161.8 %;

- production of natural gas and gas condensate production is 100.5% per cent;

- other mining and quarrying – 110,8 %.

In related industries, the index remains almost at the level of the corresponding period of the previous year:

- production of petroleum products at 96.2 %;

- production key khimicheskaia (sulfur) was 100.1 %.

the Pace of growth in hydrocarbon production (in real terms) over the 10 months of 2017 is for oil and condensate of 164.5 %, gas – 104,7 % compared to the same period of 2016.

the Main growth of oil production in the region due to the activities of OOO "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft", engaged in the development of hydrocarbons deposits on them. V. Filanovsky and them. Yuri Korchagin in the Caspian sea. Overall, since the beginning of operation of the fields produced nearly 12 million tons of "black gold". The expected figure for 2017 is 5.5 million tons.

In 2016 in the Caspian sea was completed first stage uvedeno into operation the largest offshore oil field. V. Filanovsky. Currently, LSP-1 drilled 8 wells, 6 producing.

In the second stage today completed the installation on fixed points of offshore structures, including offshore ice-resistant stationary platform LSP-2 platform and residential module – LQP-2 and in December 2017 it is planned to commence the drilling of production wells with LFA-2. With only LSP-2 is planned to drill 8 wells, 2 water injection.

the Total cost of the project is 260,7 billion rubles, of which mastered 167,9 billion or 64.5 % of the total investment for the project, including in 2017 – 25.2 billion rubles.

oil output in January - October 2017 633,19 amounted to 3 thousand tons, gas – 671,55 million m3. The forecast for 2018 oil production at the field 5 609,17 thousand tons, gas – 913,91 million m3.

On the field. Y. Korchagin in operation 23 5 mining and auxiliary wells. Continued improvement of the second phase of the field: completed construction of the support base BK in the sea conducted in April 2017. Continue construction work on the upper structure in the sea is planned for spring 2018, in April, is expected to BC in operation and commencement of drilling.about dobyvayushchiy. Just BC it is planned to drill 6 production wells. In addition, from February 2018 with the platform it is planned to drill three additional wells (two production and one water injection). From 142 billion rubles for the project on 01.11.2017 mastered 108,1 billion or 76.2% of the total investment for the project, including in 2017 – a 7.85 billion.

oil output in January - October 2017 amounted to 780,75 thousand tons, gas 464,82 -1 million m3. The forecast for 2018 for oil field 1 132,54 thousand tons, gas – 1 906,78 million m3.

In the 3rd quarter of 2017 successfully completed the public hearings of the project documentation of the first stage of field development shell. The project cost is about 495 billion. Only in this field, the planned 25 wells (5 of them redundant). Commissioning is scheduled for 2021.

the extraction of natural gas and condensate main, and the largest industrial enterprise in the region is LLC "Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan" (carries out the extraction of natural gas and gas condensate of the Astrakhan gas condensate field, the largest in Europe). In addition, the company is the only one in the region carries out activities for the processing of hydrocarbons with production of marketable gas, petroleum products and sulfur.

For 10 months, 2017, LLC "Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan recycled of 8.68 billion m3 of gas separated (or 100.5% to the similar period in 2016), produced 3.4 million tons of sulfur (100,3 % to the similar period in 2016), 725,3 thousand tons of gasoline (of 89.9 % over the same period in 2016), 524,6 thousand tons of diesel fuel (100.7% compared to the same period in 2016), 257,0 thousand tons of fuel oil (91.8% as compared to the same period in 2016). Production figures for the first 10 months of 2017 correspond to the planned and differ slightly from that of the same period, 2016.

Company work is continuing in the framework of two investment projects aimed at maintaining the design level of hydrocarbon production at the Astrakhan gas condensate field – 12 billion m3 (Connection of additional wells and the Reconstruction of production facilities). The total investment for both projects – of 63.27 billion rubles, mastered from the beginning of the implementation of projects 19.7 billion rubles, including in 2017 – RUR 0.4 billion.

In the field of processing of hydrocarbonic raw materials in territory of the Astrakhan region, OJSC "Gazprom" in 2017, continues to implement the investment project "Expansion of production unit is 3.6" with volume of investments of 74.7 billion. With the beginning of the project mastered 63,92 billion rubles, including in 2017 – 1.3 billion rubles.

Today at the Astrakhan gas processing plant operates in performance mode, one-PJSC "Gazprom", the isomerization of pentane-hexane fraction (implemented starting in 2016) that allows to produce a wide range of motor gasoline that meets the requirements of a Class "Euro-5", and increase the Fund of motor gasoline with high octane number.

In September of the current year in the operating mode displayed a new production facility - the U-505. It is a warehouse of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG-2) that can store up to 10 thousand cubic meters of liquefied petroleum gas or LPG. Object fully meets the requirements of the Federal norms and rules in the field of labor protection, industrial and environmental safety. Commissioning of this object has allowed to expand the storage capacity of broad fraction of light hydrocarbons during the summer to abnormally high temperatures.

EKTOOYL, OOO developed a program of development of a network of gas stations motor fuel on the territory of the city of Astrakhan, approved by the city administration of Astrakhan.EKTOOYL, OOO issued two land plots under construction of CNG filling stations – on the street of Aksaray highway (in front of CCP-235), on the road A-340 Astrakhan - Krasny Yar (the new interchange).

In July of 2017 put into operation mazs No. 2 EKTOOYL, OOO to the address: Astrakhan, street trees, 18. Mazs are implemented on the specified petrol and liquefied petroleum gas.

oil Transportation from fields in the Northern Caspian sea through the pipelines and tanker traffic. Extracted and received via the subsea pipeline to the tank farm of head onshore facilities of oil for the Caspian pipeline Consortium Pipeline system for further export sales. In may 2017 in the framework of the project of CPC expansion to 67 million tons of oil per year was put into commercial operation of two pump stations A-PS-4A and A-PS-5A. Mastered 24.8 billion rubles, or 97.7% of the total investment, including in 2017 - 2 bln rubles.

Since the beginning of the year JSC "Caspian pipeline consortium - R" shipped more than 36 million tons of oil. With more than 32 million tons of Kazakh oil shippers and about 4 million tons of Russian oil shippers.

According to the submitted applications oil producers, pumping plan for 2017 is 65 million tons, including Russian manufacturers accounted for 11 million tons, including reserves of the Caspian sea is 5.4 million tons. Today, the volume of deliveries of oil "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft" in the CPC amounted to 2.4 million tons and Planen 2018 6.8 million tons.

Before the end of 2017 with the commissioning of the last of the object (PS-2, Chernozemelsky district, Republic of Kalmykia), the CTC will complete in 2011, the expansion project capacity (bandwidth) of the main oil pipeline to 67 million tons per year.

In the medium term to 2022 in the Astrakhan region has a large chance of being implemented new promising project involving the construction of complex for deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials with the production of polymers that meet global standards. The project cost about 50 billion rubles. Project initiator - LLC "Caspian innovation company". The company plans the establishment of polyethylene production with the design capacity of 330 thousand tons of polymer products per year on the resource base and the production site of the existing gas processing plant OOO "Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan". Metallocene polyethylenes, which will produce the complex will be used for the production of particularly strong films used in the food industry, agriculture and other industries.

To strengthen partnership relations and expand areas of cooperation, OOO "Caspian innovation company" and the government of the Astrakhan region in 2017, agreement on socio-economic cooperation, which defines the main principles of interaction and cooperation in the implementation of the investment project on the territory of Astrakhan region. Currently, the project conducted pre-investment and feasibility studies.

the Development of right-Bank part of the Astrakhan gas condensate field, LLC "Astrakhan oil and gas company" remains today one of the most promising investment projects through active participation in 2015 a new investor - Mineral and chemical company "EuroChem". The project cost about 100 billion rubles. Developing right-Bank part of the field will be linked to the creation of a complex of fishing and processing capacities with their utilities (wells, flowlines, installation of complex gas, seroochistki installation and production of motor fuels, including natural gas pipelines, and more). Production will be no less complex than the current of the Astrakhan gas processing plant OOO "Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan". In the future, the region will get a new property complex, additional volumes of hydrocarbon production and the production of marketable products (gas, petroleums, sulfur), new jobs. In 2017, the continued scientific and technical work with a view to considering options for extraction and processing of hydrocarbon raw materials of the Bashkirian deposits of the right Bank part AGKM, as well as design and exploration work for additional exploration of the Deposit.

To strengthen partnership relations and expand areas of cooperation of JSC "MCC "EuroChem" and the government of the Astrakhan region in 2017, agreement on socio-economic cooperation, which defines the main principles of interaction and cooperation in the implementation of the investment project on the territory of Astrakhan region.

One of the key indicators of success and sustainability of oil and gas development can be considered the volume of attracted investment to this industry, characterizing including vysokoizbiratelnoy attractiveness of the region for potential investors.

So, in 2016 the volume of investments in oil and gas projects amounted to about 72,58 billion or 111% compared to 2015. The volume of investments in oil and gas projects for the first 9 months of 2017 amounted to 43.7 billion rubles, or 90 % compared to the same period of 2016. The industry projected the volume of investments for 2017 – 88.4 billion rubles, or 122 % to the level of 2016.

Astrakhan oblast in addition to the large reserves of hydrocarbons has significant reserves of salt, gypsum and other minerals.

Increasing pace of JSC "KNAUF GYPSUM BASKUNCHAK", which produces dry construction mixtures based on gypsum and developing lower-Baskunchakskaya field. The enterprise is improved, improve the quality of products, increases its range. The last 2 years the plant was carried out reconstruction and modernization of gypsum production. Successfully running a new line for the production of plaster mixtures machine application running in 2016 in the framework of the project of reconstruction of factory of dry building mixes. For 10 months of 2017, the company has produced – and 454,5 thousand tons of gypsum (107% to the similar period in 2016).

Main volume of salt production for over 125 years and is associated with the development of the oldest Deposit of the lake Baskunchak, which is the leading base for the production of food and technical salt in Russia.The LLC "russol" engaged in the development of this field, held a large-scale modernization of the Plant for extraction and processing of salt Bassol. For 2016 TSDPS Bassol LLC "russol" produced almost 1.3 million tonnes of salt, in 2017 it is planned to produce over 1.5 million tons. While an automated system for receiving, stacking products in the warehouse and the supply of salt to the factory, developed in the framework of import substitution by the company's engineers, is the most powerful in the world and has no analogues.

Manufacturing industry

the Main factor that determined and will determine the results of the development of the regional economy, is the development of the industrial sector.

traditional Astrakhan region the manufacturing industry for 10 months of 2017, there is a positive dynamics. Thus, increased production volumes in the following industries:

- food production – 124,4 %;

- manufacture of beverages – 104,1 %;

- manufacture of textiles – 103,4 %;

- the production of medicines and materials used for medical purposes: 197,4 %;

- manufacturing of rubber products – 101,8 %;

- manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products – 101,4 %;

is the production of metallurgical – 100,7 %;

- production of finished metal products – 103,6 %;

- manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products – 106%;

- manufacture of machinery and equipment – 104,1 %.

Due to the interaction of the government of the Astrakhan region with the Federal Executive authorities, major oil and gas companies as the Russian Federation and the Caspian States today, the Astrakhan region became the center of the construction and maintenance of offshore installations in the Caspian sea region. Therefore, the main driver of industrial development for the past several years is the shipbuilding industry.

currently, the arrangement of the largest in the Northern part of the Caspian sea field named after Vladimir Filanovsky. OOO "Caspian hydrotechnical company" carried out construction of the topsides of the living quarter platform No. 2, subcontractor for construction of this object was JSC "shipyard "Red Barricades". The output of the object in the sea took place in June 2017. JSC "Globalstroy-Engineering" completed the construction of topsides of offshore ice-resistant stationary platform No. 2. The object in April this year, launched into the sea. Object input in operation is planned for the first quarter of 2018.

in addition, OOO "Caspian Hydrotechnical company" is building block of the conductor to Deposit them. Yu. Korchagin platform on the head of the Group "Caspian Energy". Object input in operation is planned for the end of 2018.

In October of 2017 construction began on the block-the conductor to Deposit them. V. Filanovsky. The work is carried out by LLC "Galaktika" installation and Assembly site of LLC "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft" in p. Ilyinka.

the Priority development of shipbuilding industry in Russia is the upgrading of transport and passenger fleet. In this regard, the Government of the Astrakhan region established close cooperation with JSC "United shipbuilding Corporation" and the Ministry of industry and trade, which allowed for the download of the shipbuilding sites of new projects.

JSC "shipyard "LOTOS" is continuing building of the cruise ship project PV300VD by order of JSC "Moscow river shipping". In addition, the construction of two chemical tanker project RST-25 and construction of tankers of project RSD-49. Planned installation of two passenger vessels of the series "Golden ring".

a Branch of "Astrakhan shipyard" JSC "CA "Asterisk" continues the construction of a series of rescue Sadovo order of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, the completion of which is planned in 2019.

the Government of the Astrakhan region is focusing not only on attracting investment to create new industries, but also on the development of existing enterprises, carrying out modernisation measures, improving the quality of products.

the Confectionery factory "KARON" continues the second stage of modernization of production. Purchased, installed and commissioned new equipment for production of biscuits and filling equipment. The introduction of the new line will allow to produce new types of products, which in turn will contribute to market expansion and increased production volumes.

Astrakhan machine-tool plant implemented the agreement on cooperation between machine-Tool constructing Association "DVT" and Chinese company "Precision machine tools Dezhou co., Ltd.". The subject of agreement is organization of production license of machines at the facilities of the Astrakhan machine-tool plant using components from China. In the framework of cooperation in 2017 collected thirteen machines.

JSC "Astrakhan glass" continues the project of modernization of the technological flow. The acquisition of the latest high performance equipment allowed the company to reach a new level of development, to strengthen the market position on the Russian market and in CIS countries.

Sewing factory "Astrateks" in February of 2017 purchased a quilting machine 11 and the sewing machine, thereby creating new high-tech jobs at the company.

JSC "Astrakhan net-making factory" at the end of 2016 acquired net making machine MSA 14-30 (Japan) and launched four new products - polyethylene 1.8 mm Delhi for fishermen and do farms.

OOO "Ballast pipelines SVAP" continues the manufacture of products used in the construction of oil and gas pipelines the Caspian fields. In 2018 it is planned to supply pipe with protective and weight coating for the company of BUMI Armada for the laying of the pipeline on the Caspian sea shelf.

the Company "Dyuna-AST" and "Jade" are the largest Russian manufacturers of rubber shoes, which from year to year increasing the range and volume of manufactured products, known far beyond the borders of the Astrakhan region. The production of rubber footwear carried out with the use of modern technologies of two - and three-component casting of ethylene vinyl acetate and innovative polymer material - foam rubber.

the Company "Dyuna-AST" in 2017 has continued carrying out activities on liquidation of consequences of a major fire occurred in 2016. To restore the production of commissioned moulds for making shoes, printed line for soles, injection molding machine-injection molding for the manufacture of EVA shoes and PVC. In addition, the planned purchase of two injection molding machines for manufacturing shoes. Also work continues on the restoration of the warehouse of finished products.

JSC "Technology magnetic materials" developing new types of import-substituting products: radar-absorbing ferrites and ferrite products and non-standard forms for power electronics. In 2017 the company conducted development work for razrabotcikov types of ferrite cores for the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation.


resource-supplying industries for the production, transmission and distribution of electricity for 10 months of 2017 exceeded production volumes by 1.3% compared to the same period in 2016, for water supply and sanitation 8.3%. Current power complex of the Astrakhan region form:

- generating facilities and an installed capacity of 759 MW;

- 22 transmission lines 110-220 kV, including 20 220 kV overhead line;

- 107 substations and switchgears of power stations with a voltage of 110-500 kV with total capacity of 4909,7 MVA, including 1 500 kV SS and 9 SS 220 kV.

the region has 3 power plants of Federal significance with total electrical capacity of 736 MW, accounting for 98.3% of the total installed electric power generating facilities region, one block-station of JSC "TPP-Severnaya" power of 8 MW solar power plant "plant" with a capacity of 15 MW.

the Deficit of electric energy and the power of the Astrakhan region is not available. All consumers are provided with electric power by the required amount according to the signed contracts for the supply of electricity.

For the first 10 months of 2017, the power plants of the Astrakhan region developed 3,37 billion kWh of electricity, which was 0.4 % more than the same period in 2016. The consumption of the region for 10 months of 2017 amounted to 3.55 billion kWh, representing 100.2% of the same period of 2016.For flows from the power system of Volgograd region for 10 months of 2017 received 322.2 million kWh, accounting for 9 % of consumption in the region.

In 2017, the grid of the Astrakhan region has continued periodically to issue their own power plants generated electrical energy outside of the region in the power system of the Republic of Kalmykia and Kazakhstan.

work on investment projects. The largest projects implemented by LLC "LUKOIL-Astrakhanenergo" in 2017.

- PGU-235: Modernization of the products shall be supplied GTU-1,2,4,5 with the installation of ABHM;

- Upgrade t/s with the closure of the boiler room "Pokrovskaya", №6, №10;

- Upgrade PSU - 110 in terms of ponds-evaporators-wastewater treatment facilities.

General development of capital investment, LLC "LUKOIL-Astrakhanenergo" for the first 10 months of 2017 amounted to 599,244 million rubles.

the Largest electric company in the Astrakhan region is a branch of the PJSC "IDGC of the South" - "Astrakhanenergo". This company owns more than 90% of electric networks. For 10 months of 2017, the commissioning of transformer capacity totaled 10,11 MVA, the commissioning of transmission line – km. 85,87 the Implementation of these measures helped to increase the reliability of power supply of consumers in the Astrakhan region. The sales volume of the investment program of the branch for 10 months of 2017 amounted to 231,5 million rubles.

the Most significant investment projects planned for implementation in 2017 and put into operation, according to the branch of the PJSC "IDGC of the South" - "Astrakhanenergo" in the investment program:

- "Reconstruction of 110/6 kV substation "Vostochnaya" (replacement of OD and short-circuit in gas-insulated circuit breakers), substation 110/10-6 kV "Yuzhnaya" (replacement of OD and short-circuit in gas-insulated switches)"– in the 3rd quarter of 2017;

"the Construction of transmission lines 110 kV overhead line 110 kV "Dawn-Rubber sealing-off of the PS construction industry" (No. 121) and ol 110 kV "Dawn Forest with taps" (No. 122) for power supply design of the substation 110/10" - in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

the results of the implementation of the investment program of the branch of the PJSC "IDGC of the South" - "Astrakhanenergo" is expected to increase the level of reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the Astrakhan region, preventing the growth of numbers of technological violations and emergency situations associated with high level of wear and tear of power grid equipment in the region. In addition, the transfer of distribution networks of 6 kV the city of Astrakhan on the voltage of 10 kV substation Kirov (anniversary) and reconstruction of substations with the replacement of transformers with higher power capability will significantly reduce electricity losses in distribution networks and also to remove the restriction on technological connection of new consumers in the Central part of the city of Astrakhan.

as a result of the implementation of the investment program of the branch of the PJSC "IDGC of the South"-"Astrakhanenergo" for 2016 on Tsarevskaya substation released capacity for new technological connections about 6 MW.

In order to increase energy independence and energy security of the region, the measures on further development of generation in the region. Currently, the construction of the power plant, the gas turbine CHP with a capacity of 44 MW in ZATO Znamensk. Planned date of completion, pre-commissioning and commissioning of power plant in operation in 2018.

But now Astrakhan oblast along withtraditional trends in the power industry, actively involved in the development of alternative energy.

In September 2014 the Government of Astrakhan region signed the first agreement in the field of energy alternativnoi venture company Bright Capital Advisors ("bright Capital Edvayzers") and managing company of GC "Energy of the Sun" ("solar Management"), with the intention to cooperate on the creation of the territory of Astrakhan region of solar power plants (hereinafter – SES). To implement the agreement in the region was established OOO "sun projects".

as a result of implementation of this agreement at the beginning of September 2017 was commissioned SES "factory" on a plot of 26 hectares in the village of Volodarsky. With an installed capacity of SPP in 15 MW annual production volume of green power will be approximately 21 million kWh, equivalent to annual consumption of 20 thousand inhabitants of the Astrakhan region. Reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide in the environment will be about 3.8 thousand tons, with almost no waste. It is symbolic that the launch of the first for the Astrakhan region SES of this magnitude took place in the year of the environment.

currently, in the Narimanov district in accordance with the agreement, the construction of the second SES with the capacity of 15 MW, scheduled for launch in the second half of 2018.

In October 2017 the Government of Astrakhan region signed a second agreement on cooperation in the sphere of development of solar energy with "Hevel", which involves the construction of 9 solar power with capacity of 135 MW and investment of about 15 billion ruBley. The first project in the framework of this agreement - SES "field" with a capacity of 15 MW will be placed on a plot area of 30 hectares on the territory of the municipality funtovskiy SEL'sovet in the Volga district. Commissioning is scheduled for Q1 2018. In the years 2018-2019 will begin construction of similar SES in other rural Volga and Akhtuba areas (4 SES in each of the districts).

Upon successful implementation of the planned agreement for projects in 2019 Hevel involves the construction of 2 more similar SES in Limansky district.